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Solidifying Psychic Substances into A Useful Material

First, it may be necessary to get through the guide and successfully achieve the power of visual control as there seems to be a strong tie between the visual center and the parts of the psychic functionality. Visualization has long been a factor in all forms of magical activities, as this is the main means by which one delivers their intent out into the world and is the means by which subtle energies are shaped. If you have aphantasia, you may still be able to achieve visual control ability and possibly defeat the aphantasiac impedemnt.

"What is this?"

Ectoplasm, psychoplasm, spirit energy, densified chi, or something labeled similarly.

"What? Is it possible to do whatever it is you're saying is possible?"

I believe so.


The primary evidence that psychic energy can be condensed exists in the form of every piece of evidence regarding the phenomena of ghosts, spirits, and psychic forces and activites. However, ultimately I haven't found the exact key method or means of achieving the creation of this substance personally, but I believe I can construct the framework from existing sources and point out the way to possibly perform this act. Hence, I shall point to those sources and leave the rest as an exercise for the reader.
Note that the majority of the following content will be in the form of books. By reading through all of the following, it may be possible for one to create solidified psychic matter, either by one's own power or by making use of some kind of construction that can perform this task successfully. This may require discovering new scientific physical and spiritual principles but I didn't say this would be easy or anything, just that it seems possible.

The Magus of Java

This book covers important and useful information regarding the developent of "chi" related capacities. Specifically, the information regarding the two primary polarities of chi, yin and yang, is useful here. The yin polarity of chi is the side that covers most spiritual phenomena, and the yang chi polarity covers most physical phenomena, and when the two polarities are forced to work together one becomes capable of taking physical actions at a distance, as well as surviving death by keeping the life-energy in the spiritual frame.
Consider also Kosta Danos's second book on Nei Kung for further information after you've read The Magus of Java.

Ghosts in Solid Form

This book covers the means by which ectoplasm is drawn out of "sensitive" individuals during seance style ritualistic acts, which leads to that material being drawn into a spirit or ghost and "materializing" it, which can be viewed by an audience. The materialized spirit makes use of some amount of material that seems to have physical mass, as the sensitives used during the ritual appear to grow more gaunt during the ritual.


This book is of special note, as Graham Hancock covers human interactions with The Other World. This book covers the interactions that have found their way into humanity's mythical, archaeological, and scientific record. The indication seems to be that there are both spirits and otherworldly beings that inhabit another somewhat parallel layer of reality, and have partially evolved alongside us. The fae and what we know of as seemingly extraterrestrial aliens both have similar patterns, crossing dimensions, interbreeding with humans on occasion (or possibly on a mass-hybridization scale depending on time-period and the non-human group involved). This book lends credence to the possibility that humans can interact with other dimensions under specific conditions, often under altered states of consciousness, and that these altered states of perception can lead to real physical occurrences. There seem to be "soft spots" on Earth where it is possible to cross dimensional barriers, or enter otherworldy regions.
Graham Hancock's other works regarding ancient history and archaeology are also deeply of interest, highly recommend.

The Sense of Being Stared At

Rupert Sheldrake pursues the strange extrasensory perception occurrences that he refers to as "scopasthesia" - the sense of being stared at, which is a commonly perceived phenomenon across pretty much everyone at one point or another. Given the scientific results on the matter, the conclusion is that perception is a force, and that humans (and other animals presumably) can perceive this subtle force. This one is hard to pin down exactly, as there could be a number of different mechanisms possible. Perhaps humans are just generally widely psychically perceptive of other minds and as such can tell when another mind is perceiving them. The effect seems to be diminished when looking through a security camera, but still appears present. Is the force directly emitted by the eyes? Or is there another mechanism of subtle disturbance? Either way, it is also worth checking into his discussions on the tube: Scopasthesia and its Implications, Beyond the Brain: Sheldrake and Hancock explore the mystery of consciousness .
Recommend looking further into Sheldrake for more useful information.

Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe

This book covers scientific research into anomalous human consciousness phenomena, such as telepathy, precognition, and the effects of blessings on substances, as well as the impact of belief. The indication is that positive belief in a psychic phenomena can reinforce an effect from a blessing. The examples in the book include the effects on mood regarding tea and chocolate that had been blessed by monks, and the indication was that the blessing has an effect, but believing that there had been no blessing would counter the effects of the blessing. Effects were demonstrated above the effects of placebo on the control groups. Other studies mentioned in the book indicate that huamns have some amount of extrasensory capacity that is fairly small in most humans, but can be shown to be present over large enough sample sizes.
Consider also other books from Dean Radin, as he covers a wide range of studies demonstrating psychic phenomena. Most of his books are pretty similar though, and mostly reinforce the conclusion that humans are at least a bit psychic. If you only read one of his books, this one would probably be the best as of the time of this page's creation (2023).

Journeys Out of the Body

This book from Robert Monroe demonstrates the capacities of humans to emit some portion of themselves and then go on out-of-body adventures across both this world and others. His other books also are of note, which follow the evolution of his understanding of this practice, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. The indication is that there is a portion of the human body/spirit/soul that can be sent out from oneself and can retrieve information and have experiences that would otherwise be classified as anomalous in nature. This series provides further support for other worlds accessible through human spiritual action, and that there are some forms of subtle substances that make up this part of the human organism that can exprience these phenomena. Astral projection as a capability indicates, moreso than remote viewing, of non-mundane spiritual substances that make up a type of energy body which can act semi-independently of the physical body.
if the astral body is made of subtle substances that can remain in one piece on emission from the physical body, then perhaps those substances can be compressed outside of the body into a new type of spiritual organsim or spiritual matter. The possibility opens up wide.
The Monroe Institute also released a series of tapes/CDs for "The Gateway Experience" which are designed to assist in the development of this ability using a combination of hypnosis-like recordings, meditations, and binaural beats. Pursue further for more information. You can find the recordings somewhere on the net with only a little effort.

Mastering Astral Projection: 90 Day Guide

This book is exceptionally useful and will just directly give you practices and procedures for developing astral projection capacity. If you actually follow through on this guide and keep up with this, you will be able to get out of your body and anomalously collect information and experiences. This book also provides a basic understanding of the layout of the other planes of existence as well as the types of energy you are dealing with. There is a strong focus on tactile visualization practices, much moreso than visual imagery visualizations. These methods work well for moving energy through the energy body and through the physical body. One thing you may notice quickly on working into these practices is an increase in dream vividness, but the real meat of the ability will come after that when you start getting out of body and having astral adventures.
Do not give up, be persistent! You will likely need this ability to get anywhere really substantial with serious magicl / psychic practices.
Robert Bruce wrote some other books about astral stuff and energy work, so consider those sometime.

Everything from Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda is an exceptional element of weird magic pursuits, as he demonstrates and discusses the many different facets of strange magic. Creepy sorcery! Of extreme importance is the nature of perception and perceptual manipulation in order to alter one's actual real experience and one's totality. Carlos ventures bodily and in spirit to other layers of reality and interacts with many inorganic beings along the way. If you're going to read Castaneda, read it all, starting from Journey to Ixtlan, then returning to the first two books later after reading The Fire From within. Otherwise, if you end up just reading The Teachings of Don Juan you will get the wrong idea because Carlos admits in the second and third books that he had the wrongest idea. It's only in the third book that he starts to get it.
when comparing with The Magus of Java, you will see important parallels.

The Magus of Strovolos

This book demonstrates the power of a human being to interact with high grades of spiritual energy performing healings and engaging in the power of materialization. That's right! Started this list with materialization, and now we're back to that concept! There is not an extremely large amount of information about this ability so much as it is just demonstrated with some more general instructions on starting the spiritual and magical paths. Other works can lead to more direct instructions. There are also more books in the series, but proof of concept is the main element here.


This was an old website and great resource for developing psi/psychic abilities. However, died, and is only currently available in an archived form. The .zip linked from contains all of the articles as well as the forum for psipog, which included instructions on how to make use of "force bubbles" composed of energy programmed to have psychokinetic outward pushing effects, forming a type of touchable energy construct. Psipog was presented surprisingly materialisticaly despite the actual magic of psionic activity, but such is as it is. Check through the archive and the articles as best as you can.

T. Galen Hieronymus and the Hieronymus Machine

The Hieronymus Machine, as well as radionics in general, is an important field for research in developing psiloid technology. Radionics consists of utilizing intent-focusing machines that store a user's intent in the circuitry and then emit that like a very basic kind of psychic radio and amplifier/emitter. Hieronymus coined the term "eloptic energy" as the energy involved seemed to behave with properties similar to electricity and similar to light, but not fully being either. He also found that the energy that was being emitted was able to use light as a carrier wave as well as be transmitted through electric circuitry. Using the principles he was discovering, he was able to grow plants in the dark using a metal panel that was receiving light connected to a wire that led down into an unlit growing box in a basement, where it was connected to another panel. Without any light, using only this other energy, he was able to successfully grow plants in the dark. His machine was also able to heal people using this relatively undiscoverd energy, which he had patented as a "mineral analyzer", a patent which was only granted after he demonstrated that it actually worked. Consider further research into the Hieronymus Machine as well as other radionic devices. Big field, will not cover it all here.

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone

Reich was an oddball wacko researcher who stumbled upon some unusual properties of nature and called it "orgone": Consequences were never the same, and he attempted to use various means of manipulating what he believed was a cosmic energy-force-substance that was responsible for the life processes of all living organisms. This ties interestingly to the "chi" energy and somehow probably relates to the "eloptic" energy that was discovered by Hieronymus. Reich determined that one could layer organic insulators with metals in order to cause an orgone potential flow in the direction of the insulator toward the metal. Thus Reich constructed "orgone accumulators" and "cloudbusters" which utilized these prinicples for healing ailments through life-energy revitalization, and disrupting weather patterns, respectively.
For the other items above I have links to their texts in one way or another, but in this instance it's hard to pin down which of Reich's works is actually important to specifically read. I'll leave this hunt up to you. Your search engine skills are decent by now, right?

"Alright okay so I read all the books, what next?"

Okay so let's say you actually read all the books above, and then did your own research. By this point the baseline understanding should have been laid down, and your task is now as follows:

"What then after that?"

Well assuming you've figured out the energy-substance, you can now construct it into strange shapes and program it using intent-based radionic/psionic machine-devices. Or, maybe you figured out how to manipulate this energy personally, and you are able to create touchable objects from this ectomatter. With the power of imagination you can now make use of this material for any concievable purpose. Don't get got.

Good luck!